Immanuel Groups

At Immanuel we talk about Jesus, Community, and Mission all the time. They are what we are about as a church. Our groups ministry is where much of that community happens. They are where honesty between believers happens, where meeting needs happens, and where gospel-shaped friendships happen. Groups are one of the primary places where gospel culture is lived out on a week to week basis across the Nashville area. We have different types of groups, and we encourage you to jump into one (or more)!

Community Groups

What are Community Groups

Community Groups are one of the best ways to get connected to Immanuel. They are a place where you can say, "I belong"; where people can come with honesty and not feel weird for sharing the real state of their heart; a place where you can make gospel friendship and grow as a disciple in Christ. Community Groups are for everyone at any stage of life: single, married, engaged, kids, no kids, retired, college aged, and everything in-between. There are no barriers here, just show up and be encouraged.


   All Community Groups are centered around and grounded in Jesus, Community, Mission.
   Community Groups meet either weekly, or twice monthly.
   Community Groups are held in homes around Nashville.
   The average size of an Community Group is 10-20 people.
   Community Groups usually involve food, discussion of our sermon text, and prayer interspersed with much conversation, fellowship, and fun.

Find a community Group near you

Want to take your next step to join a Community Group?

1. Use this map below to find a Community Group near you.
2. Click on any group for more information on location, meeting day and time.
3. Once you have found a group that you think will work, click on the sign up link below. This will navigate you to our sign up page where you can find the group you are interested in and contact the leader directly to sign up.
4. You should hear back from the leader with more information in a couple of days.

If you would like any help finding a group, you can contact us at

Discipleship Groups


Every Christian needs Christians who are further along in faith and wisdom to guide and disciple them toward maturity in Christ. Discipleship Groups offer Just such an opportunity for those who are younger in the faith to grow under the guidance and of a more seasoned Christian through studying, discussion, and honesty.
   Discipleship Groups are composed of 8+ younger believers led by one older Christian.
  Discipleship Groups meet weekly for one school year (September-May).
   Signups are open through August 28. Sign up HERE.
   Please email if you have questions!

Adoption & Foster Group

The Adoption & Foster Group exists to support and connect families who are fostering, adopting, those who are considering fostering or adoption, and those who wish to support families taking these steps. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out by clicking the link below!