Our Culture

gospel doctrine + gospel culture

One of the most important aspects of our life together is not only our doctrine (which is vital) but also our culture.  Spend time at Immanuel Nashville long enough and you'll notice that we talk a lot about how the gospel shapes our words, values, and the relational environment of our church.  We call this gospel-shaped environment "Gospel Culture."  Ray Ortlund, our founding pastor, best put it this way:

"Gospel doctrine creates a gospel culture. The doctrines of grace create a culture of grace, healing, revival, because Jesus himself touches us through his truths. Without the doctrines, the culture alone is fragile. Without the culture, the doctrines alone appear pointless.
The doctrine of regeneration creates a culture of humility (Ephesians 2:1-9).
The doctrine of justification creates a culture of inclusion (Galatians 2:11-16).
The doctrine of reconciliation creates a culture of peace (Ephesians 2:14-16).
The doctrine of sanctification creates a culture of life (Romans 6:20-23).
The doctrine of glorification creates a culture of hope (Romans 5:2).

If we want this culture to thrive, we can’t take doctrinal shortcuts. If we want this doctrine to be credible, we can’t disregard the culture. But churches where the doctrine and culture converge bear living witness to the power of Jesus."

By the grace and power of Jesus, we are building a gospel culture here at Immanuel Nashville; and by the grace and power of Jesus anyone can get in on this!