making the real jesus non-ignorable at park avenue

Our mission at Immanuel Church is to make the real Jesus non-ignorable in our city and far beyond. One expression of that mission is through our ministry partnership with Park Avenue Elementary School.  Park Avenue Elementary hosts many of our city's underserved students and has welcomed Immanuel Church in the past to serve the students, parents, and faculty in a variety of ways.   The school has opened its doors to welcome us, and we see a strategic window of opportunity to love our neighbor and to make the real Jesus non-ignorable.  Please get in touch with Caroline Greenwald via our Park Avenue Interest Form to learn more about available ministry opportunities or receive more information.

Giving opportunities  

Since 2020, chronic absenteeism has been a significant challenge hindering the academic success of Park Avenue students. When students are absent from school, their learning is compromised. In response, the Parent Incentive Store was launched in 2022 as a proactive initiative to encourage parents to prioritize regular school attendance for their children.

At the Parent Incentive Store, parents have the opportunity to accumulate points for each day their child attends school. These points can then be exchanged for essential household items available at Park Avenue's store. By maintaining a well-stocked Parent Incentive Store, Park Avenue aims to ensure that families' fundamental needs are met, while also fostering a positive environment that encourages students to be present and engaged in their education every day.