We are praying that 200 years from now Immanuel would be a vibrant church in Nashville, Tennessee, making the real Jesus non-ignorable in their generation because of the work undertaken in ours.


We need a strategic, long-term home in Nashville

to welcome in all kinds of people,
for the spiritual formation of rising generations,
and for exporting gospel culture.

the vision

Nashville is a city of influence, full of creators and culture makers, of artists and entrepreneurs. It is a city who exports her culture to the rest of the country and even the world. Imagine if that culture was marked by devotion to the real Jesus, by honesty and humility, by honor and joy, by generosity. Nashville would be transformed and the world would take notice. Weary souls would find refreshment. Sinners would find forgiveness. People would discover their God-given dignity.   We believe the real Jesus can break through the threshold of non-ignorability in Nashville – and from Nashville, the shockwaves of the gospel can be felt around the world. With this prayer burning in our hearts, we believe an important next step is securing a strategic, long-term home on one of the major street corners of our day.

the need

  • The lease on our current building expires in 2026 and
    there's an early termination clause that our landlord could
    excercise as early as June of 2025, so we need a new
    church home.
  • We are maxing out our current classroom space for kids and students. We currently serve over 300 children in iKids and over 80 students in our youth ministry, and both are steadily growing.
  • We have limited meeting space for seminars, biblical training, leadership development, and other gatherings. This puts a low ceiling on the growth and spread of our gospel ministry.
  • Immanuel has members who live in 63 different zip codes across the Nashville area.  It is vital we stay centrally located.
  • One of Immanuel’s primary missions is to plant churches with gospel culture.  We need a home-base for exporting gospel culture.

The opportunity

  • The greater Nashville area is experiencing rapid, unprecedented growth with over 100 people moving here each day.
  • Nashville has a diverse population ethnically and socioeconomically.  If we are going to be a church for all kinds of people it is vital we stay centrally located.
  • Nashville is the “belt buckle” of the Bible Belt — a traditional religious hub where the name of Jesus is widely known, but the person of Jesus is widely ignored. Our city needs a non-ignorable Jesus.
  • As a center of entrepreneurship, technology, music, and medicine, Nashville  is home to hundreds of thousands of impressive, successful people who are weary, hurting, and who need to find wholeness in the presence of Jesus, through his Church.

the strategy

We are committed to finding a long-term home in or near the I-440 loop and anticipate the total cost of a move-in ready property being between $15 million and $20 million.

We are seeking to raise $6 million in this campaign to secure financing for a property.

We Are Asking Every Member To:


Pray like never before that God would lead us to our new home in Nashville.


Serve like never before and invite others to serve with you.


Give like never before and blow this goal out of the water!

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